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Air compresses Electromechanical effect to transform
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The project uses an option

The company production that wants you only has gearshift demand to drive motor, process has intermittent demand or output load power has periodic change, perhaps have the process that uses likeness with these, and realize these processes carry machine, of separation and reunion or the processing technique of hydraulic pressure comes true, criterion department of my company project all can undertake to its energy-saving transform, spend a body to make for its already the solution that energy-saving environmental protection raises its automation level again. Our company are newest roll out compressor to optimize a system (Compressor Optimising System) , wait for series product.

Air compresses Electromechanical effect to transform a project

The project uses background:

While nowadays state enterprise is paying close attention to labor productivity, begin to pay close attention to resource productivity. A lot of enterprises already regarded a when promote an enterprise competition ability new way as the promotion of resource productivity for the enterprise. According to not complete count, of the electric energy that is in our country 60% be by the fan in all trades and professions, water pump place is used up, and pneumatics machine was occupied 60% medium 15% the left and right sides. Can be imagined its electric energy has year of waste time how old.

Expert of German air motive force points out

Demand tolerance is big, the electric machinery that uses high-power suits through carry for nothing and holding key, it is the general appearance that creates waste of tremendous the sources of energy! Any exaggerated look attune are irresponsible to energy-saving help. ChoiceCompressor Optimising SystemIt is you well-advised choice! A lot of users begin now use much station machine and net choose and employ persons is versed in the method is handled. ButCompressor Optimising SystemMore automation, by personal computer processing, reduce factitious error

The electric energy of traditional pneumatics machine is wasteful

1. The capacity of pneumatics machine is to use the means that hold key, such no matter how reduce load, compressor is motor from beginning to end
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