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Gas fluid transforms a system to become vitreous bottle mechanism energy-saving
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The economy that gas fluid system transforms compares: More double strong baric chance is used to be with industry of household utensils glass here exemple, advocate the cylinder diameter of punch air cylinder is commonly: 260, 350mm, take 300mm on average, pressure of source of real energy of life can arrive 4kg/cm2 is pretty good, output pressure is 5, 6T, requires air feed amount is 8, 10m3/min, the power of pneumatics machine is 45, 50KW. And use hydraulic pressure system, advocate oil cylinder diameter is 80mm only. Oil pressure needs 100kg/cm2 to be able to amount to 5 tons only, chosen electric machinery power needs 18KW only (double pump system) . Use charge of electricity every year only but managing (45-18) X0.8x24x330=171072 yuan. And of gas fluid system transform all charge to won't exceed 100000 yuan.

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