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Gas fluid transforms a system to become vitreous bottle mechanism energy-saving
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Price of world energy resources has been in perch, but will rise ceaselessly therefore, already was one nots allow evasive reality. The high cost that vitreous industry regards a tradition as can industry, it is the test that facing anguish more. Search a kind to be able to improve product quality already at the same time can energy-saving fall the method of bad news, walk out of competitive the way that can develop continuously, it is the business that should do immediately! Undertaking fluid is transformed enraging in container glass machinery is energy-saving fall the important way of bad news.

Traditional air compresses a technology to be considered as best motivation all the time former, because air does not want money, take with convenient, resistance is little, rate is rapid, do not be afraid of leak (leakage dot is indifferent to) . Hold main position all the time in vitreous machinery, in the in shaping, uses at goods punch of container glass: In suppress law advocate punch air cylinder, pressure in playing a way first model suppress working procedure. Special in a few give priority to large quantities of mass-produced industries in order to squelch, existence thinks pneumatic high speed is helpful for the shape viewpoint of goods. This produced the problem of two respects: One is basically give priority to with atmospheric pressure when the equipment that produces lesser product in big batch of choose and buy. 2 it is mass-produced to former some in baric machine keeps used glass use.

Gas fluid transforms main characteristic of the system to elaborate as follows:

One, world new technology grows change with each passing day, expression is in respect of hydraulic pressure technology besides the traditional advantage that holds pressure, more developed system of high speed hydraulic pressure. Advocate oil cylinder is sealed used case Lai to encircle assorted technology, reduced piston motion resistance greatly, raised startability, already used in common oil cylinder, speed can amount to 1m/min. Technology of frequency of tall switch of barrier of without reason of a powerful person of hydraulic pressure electromagnetism is very mature also.

2, hydraulic pressure shapes to goods the research that quality affects is deepened ceaselessly, goods shapes the effect of heat treatment of the path after medium stress condition is right has not little effect, need has pilot to shape force. Current hydraulic pressure technology already provided this kind of measure, from shape the implementation that the controls goods ply control of force can go to the lavatory simply by hydraulic pressure technology.

3, operation of gas fluid system safeguards a gender to compare: Pneumatic system all along is used with taking convenient, the operation is an advantage simply. But develop as what produce technical standard, inadequacy was become in a few places. Reputation of noise of pneumatic press exhaust emission is big, pollution is heavy. Advocate air cylinder volume is large, safeguard examination inconvenience. Be indifferent to revealed wasteful source. Of the quality that too simple control goes against a product and technology rise.
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