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On August 29, 2008, shenzhen -- the group attends Atelasi Kepukeji August 2008 26 hold to 29 days 2008 China austral border industry assembles technology and equipment exhibition (ATE China 2008) , brought the tiny torque of product line MicroTorque with complete function to screw tool system, contented electron creates the manufacturing demand of the industry.

Current, the electron is made assemble an industry to face more and more new challenges. To satisfy customer the demand of the electronic product with small to bulk, strong function, electronic product manufacturer rolls out bulk ceaselessly smaller, assemble the electronic number product with more accurate, more powerful function. The design dimension of electronic product is reduced continuously, ply is thinner and thinner, use different hardness material increasingly to undertake multilayer join, use at assembling connective screw more and more smallish also, torque value of application is less and less also. The clamping force that this also makes obtain ideal / torque, prevent attaint to be machined material, reduce batch of heads to slide, eliminate snail tooth attaint, avoid alternate whorl / float buy screw and avoid screw leakage to twist those who wait for a problem to become manufacturer of every electronic product to must be solved.

The MicroTorque that Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch is tiny torque screws tool system is the tiny screw that sensor contains exclusively on the market at present screws tool (diameter of the smallest screw can amount to 0.8 millimeter the following) , its are main the characteristic is implementation is more accurate screw (begin from 0.005Nm) . Have what 16 different torque are worth to screw the program is installed, those who have tiny torque of torque and angle pilot MicroTorque to screw tool system can undertake screw slippery silk monitor, join of a slippery silk and alternate whorl monitor; Screw screws periodic alignment operation and data are collected and the manufacturing quality with advanced other controls a function.
"Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch to be rolled out this the series of small torque screwdriver that with MicroTorque tiny torque screws tool system is a delegate is the demand that produces to satisfy electronic product only and development, apply to watch of electron of computer of mobile phone, hard disk, camera, notebook, car, medical treatment extensively to wait rig a trade. " the product manager Dai Ying of tool of industry stalking or branch and equipment ministry introduces Atelasi Kepu: "Atelasi Kepu stalks or branch small torque screws tool system can is from super- low torque is horological assemble large-scale electron production to offer a solution. This one range of products has innovation technology and advanced control capacity, was united in wedlock to not have at the same time but the man-machine engineering design of compare. Can assemble what your aborning is faced with the challenge to dissolve reduce for cost. Can assemble what your aborning is faced with the challenge to dissolve reduce for cost..
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