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The application of dew point appearance in pneumatics machine industry
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In a lot of modern plants, plant equipment uses pneumatic to gain ground more and more. Compress air to must be passed dry and purify processing, if compress air hydrous or oiliness, cause the damage of pneumatic component easily, those who affect facility is normal move. So most air compressor deserves to have dry with purifying device.

Same to examine the effect of dryer, use dew point appearance to undertake be metricaled continuously normally. Compress air normally to dry degree have higher demand, although prevailing is cold dry machine exports dew point to also be under 5 ℃ , if use humidity to measure,cannot achieve a requirement, must use dew point appearance to measure so.

It is with the dew point appearance of MICHELL company exemple, the range that its measure is in - ℃ of 100 ℃ ~ 20, yi Ke takes explosion proof function with the choice, the OK and exact change that reflects dew point, achieve the result of monitoring. Achieved completely dry to pneumatics machine the requirement that spends dew point to measure. The safety that assured factory pneumatic device thereby moves.

MICHELL humidity sensor of cigarette plant make appliance has the following advantage:
1. Industrial level sensor, fight dirt and chemical gas, suit to use in harsh environment:
2. Convenient and reliable desired result means, economic uphold charge:
3. It is good to run stability for a long time, energy-saving effect is apparent:
4.Extensive use:

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