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The working principle of helix compressor and common breakdown (1)
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The working principle of helix compressor and common breakdown.

The requirement has the method that resolves trouble.

The working principle of compressor of 3 kinds of main types

Piston compressor
The working principle of piston compressor

Piston compressor is belonged to at one of the earliest compressor designs, but it is remained the most general with a kind of very efficient compressor. Piston compressor makes through connecting rod and crankshaft the piston moves before air cylinder is indrawn. If use a side of the piston to undertake compression only, call sheet to use formula. If of the piston on, below two side are used, call double use formula.
The use of piston compressor is very extensive, have any restriction hardly. It can compress air, also can compress gas, need scarcely. Piston compressor is exclusive a kind can air gentle style is compressed to high pressure, in order to suit the design of the utility such as air of such as breath.
The configuration of piston compressor can include to press / Xiaorong to measure the one-cylinder of utility to configure from applicable Wu Di, to can compress the multistage to force of unusual maximum pressure to configure. In multistage compressor, air is classificationed to compress, chase class to increase pressure.
Reduce capacity:
The power limits of series of compressor of Kang Puai piston comes to 420 KW (1hp for 0.75 KW 563hp) , the actuating pressure that generates comes to 414 Bar (21 for 1.5 Bar 6004psi) .
Its model utility is:
Gas is compressed (CNG, nitrogen, inert gase, fill bury gas)
High-pressured air (the breath of aqualung steel bottle uses loop of reconnaissance of air, earthquake, pneumatic to wait)
PET blows bottle, engine to start, industry

Rotate screw type
Rotate the working principle of screw type compressor
Screw type compressor belongs to Wu Rong to accumulate type compressor, its piston uses the form of screw; This is the type of the mainest compressor that nowadays uses. The main part that screw compresses component is convex rotor and sunken form rotor, these two rotor stand by shift each other, make the bulk inside antrum is reached to be reduced gradually between them. The pressure of screw type compares the figure of the length of lever of Wu Luo of be decided by and appearance and vent.
Screw component did not equip any valve, the mechanical power with nonexistent lopsided generation. Because this is OK,in tall axis fast come off work is made, and can large flow of give attention to two or morethings and small external dimension
Reduce capacity:
Kang Puai rotates the power limits of series of screw type compressor comes to 250 KW (5 for 4 KW 535 Hp) , the actuating pressure that generates comes to 13 Bar (72 for 5 Bar 188 Psi) .
Its model utility is:
Food, beverage, brew
Military affairs, spaceflight, car
Industry, electron, make, petrifaction
Medical treatment, hospital, pharmacy
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