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Report of compressor trade division uses program
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Compressor includes air conditioning refrigerant lead plane and air compressor, its movement character is to load (Loading) and sky carry (two kinds of states issue Unloading) round-the-clock 24 hours of successive movement, ceaseless machine, one of electric machinery with bad news most report at present method of constant voltage control uses; timing and not timing controls fashion two kinds.
Not timing control
Compressor if not control of timing pattern constant voltage, when to load runs, efficiency of its asynchronous electric machinery has 87% to control about, power element makes an appointment with 85%(to inspect electric machinery power to size and load are led and be decided) ; uses discharge to carry (Unloading) means makes electric machinery empty record movement, the efficiency of its electric machinery has 30% only about, power element also under 40% , it is very wasteful movement way, but do not allow to be started often because of electric machinery, let an user bear locomotive loss only so

After introducing product of electromotor of synchronism of permanent magnetism of electric machinery king can change the circumstance of report of client bad news completely, the efficiency of king of the electric machinery when to load 95% the left and right sides, power element is about one. The efficiency of king of the electric machinery when discharge carries still is 93% the left and right sides is basic and changeless, power element lead is made an appointment with 90% , just be one enters photograph capacitor, can compensate the power element with backward factory. Effect of its section report can be led according to load and estimation comes out.
Timing control A lot of clients think the kind that builds compressor instead timing regards constant voltage as control, but the case that uses transducer drive to have a success rarely commonly, its main issue point is starting torsion at transducer and asynchronous machine small, often cannot start additional pressure smoothly.

  Use permanent magnetism to not have after brushing dc motive product can easily the problem that solves above, because do not have those who brush dc motive to start torsion to compare three-phase different,step machine total pressure is started even big, do not have started issue naturally. The asynchronous electric machinery after using transducer at the same time makes efficiency lower because of the problem of harmonic, the transducer of different manufacturer its harmonic is not identical, the loss of generation is different also, but the efficiency that transducer increases asynchronous electric machinery won't exceed 80%; to be able to be achieved without the efficiency that brushs dc motive in all 93% the left and right sides, because this report effect is apparent,; is the drive electric machinery with current the most appropriate compressor

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