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Benefit abundant transducer is in pneumatics machine kind the application on loa
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One preface
Pneumatics machine is one of commonly used equipment on production, apply extensively in each domain: Building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, spin, electric power, plastic, the each industry domain such as balata, regard production as manufacturer, the applied circumstance that paying close attention to new technology to go up in this equipment mostly at present: Among them frequency control technology is one of keys. Respect of again rigid structure, pneumatics machine passes 100 old development, the principle is mature, the belt of machine of pneumatics of Dan Darong quantity in working process is grown start and discharge is grown is a difficult problem all the time, without very good solution: Electric machinery power is great, the electric current that start is big, big to the concussion of electrified wire netting, rigid structure shakes big also, equipment life is brief, current, major manufacturer still uses a heavenly body -- trigonometry starts mode, but problem still a lot of, partial manufacturer pays close attention to frequency conversion control to replace original control mode, undertake trying in succession, obtained better result at present, make transducer an introduction to everybody in the applied circumstance of this industry now, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

2 systems operating mode introduces
(one) , pneumatics mechanic makes a principle:
The rotor of yin and yang that closes to mutual and parallel tine (or weigh screw) rotational inside air cylinder, make rotor alveolar the air between produces periodic cubage to change ceaselessly, air is carried by inspiratory side along rotor axes to output side, those who realize machine of screw type pneumatics is inspiratory, reduce the whole process with exhaust. The mouth taking energy of life of pneumatics machine and gas outlet are located in the two end of housing respectively, the chamfer of shade rotor also ages along with in relief rotor by advocate electric machinery drive and rotate.
Enrol remote city some firm to have opportunity of a pneumatics, electric machinery power is 75KW, run mode is a star - the total pressure after horny decompression starts overweight moves. Specific operating sequence is: Press the pushbutton that start, control system puts through starter coil opens oily valve, pneumatics machine is in uninstall mode next starting, be in closed position into gas a powerful person at this moment, and air bleeder is opened in order to discharge the pressure inside oil gas segregator. Wait for step-down machine of the pneumatics after 2 seconds begins to load to move, systematic pressure begins to rise. If systematic pressure rises to pressure switch to be restricted to be worth, take off namely pressure, controller makes a powerful person that take energy of life is shut, deflate of oil gas segregator, compressor empty running, after dropping to pressure switch floor level to be worth till systematic pressure, namely below bound pressure, controller makes a powerful person that take energy of life is opened, air bleeder of oil gas segregator is shut, compressor is opened, air bleeder of oil gas segregator is shut, compressor is fully loaded with carry to go.
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