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Piston compresses mechanic to make a principle
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Compressor by electric machinery drive, electromotor passes shaft coupling or gear, leather belt drives crankshaft to make circular motion, crankshaft drives connecting rod (the way that changes force) make past compound pendulum use campaign, connecting rod drives crosshead to make move back and forth move point-blank again (the change of the direction that achieved power) , crosshead drives a piston to do work circularly in the move back and forth inside air cylinder through piston lever.   
The main part that compresses gas is comprised by air cylinder, piston, valve, the piston makes reciprocate inside air cylinder, the amplification that causes atelier volume and contractible, when cubage expands the intensity of pressure inside air cylinder is reduced, inlet tube gas enters air cylinder namely, come when atelier cubage enlarge the biggest when arrive at terminus namely, inspiratory finish; The cubage when the piston is returned is contractible, the intensity of pressure inside air cylinder rises, come after reducing the resistance that achieve outlet pressure and can overcome bedspring, finished reduce a process; Force of air cylinder internal pressure is tallish at outlet pressure, exit valve is opened begin exhaust process, moved to terminus to finish a loop till the piston. Tighten what undertake next loop go round and round then to undertake compression.

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