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System of standard of our country compressor is formed reach standard applicatio
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As the rapid development of our country economy, compressor product gets applied extensively in each domain, country and user also raise more requirements to the quality of the product. Market economy, foreign trade, product certification, licence extends wait all around move produce character to measure this one theme and spread out. And prop up this one and main base, compressor standard, criterion more and more reveal its importance, also more and more pay close attention to and be taken seriously just each. Content of because this is comprehensive the standard system that knows line of business of one's own profession, familiar standard, apply a standard well, will improve the product quality of the enterprise with this, strengthen a product in the market competitive ability, obtain market admittance, enlarge international trade then, all be crucial. Article general relatively the makes system of principle, standard arrangement that introduces system of standard of our country compressor systematically is formed, compressor is of all kinds and main standard content and suitable scope, also be opposite at the same time the development trends of near future of standard of our country compressor is made one brief narrate, with period use of the standard each to compressor the unit can be helped somewhat with concerned personnel and offer application to coach.

One, the system of compressor standard is formed

The level of standard of compressor of ㈠ our country and make an orgnaization

According to our country " standard standard " regulation, standard of our country compressor shows cent to be occupation standard and national level, industry standard 3 class. Standard of its China home and occupation standard are countrywide limits a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces abide by or recommend used level. The country of these compressor or occupation standard all basically standardize technical committee to be in charge of making by countrywide compressor. The industry such as chemical industry, coal, shipping, war industry also is made have a few compressor standard. Industry standard produces an enterprise to make by compressor and carry out compulsively inside the enterprise. What article key introduces is the standard of of all kinds compressor that committee of technology of countrywide compressor standardization puts in a mouth 's charge to make.

Of system of ㈡ compressor standard constitute a principle

1, compressor is a lot of more phyletic, involved standard range is very wide also. Press different compressor classification, can build different standard system. International standard ISO5390 " compressor is classified " with equivalent the GB4976 of our country standard of this international standard all is used by structural taxonomy. This kind of taxonomy is more scientific and rigorous, across of not easy jackknife. So system of standard of our country compressor decides by structural taxonomy, it is a principle with this, build the compressor standard of disparate arrangement of ideas, different content.
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