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Screw compressor installation is debugged with safeguard manual
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This manual content includes:

Aircrew brief introduction

Unit of the first order is installed

1.1 freight and deposit

1.2 aircrew install pre-construction

The swing of 1.3 aircrew reachs fixed position

1.4 conduit join

1.5 spots cold intermediary is filled note

1.6 electric join

Unit of the 2nd order operates

The examination project before 2.1 unit operate

2.2 aircrew move

2.3 aircrew run control

2.4 moving management and stop machine note

Care and maintenance of unit of the 3rd order and breakdown are handled

3.1 overviews

3.2 safeguard

3.3 water quality manage

3.4 breakdown are handled

Specific content sees accessory:
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