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Suzhou pneumatics machine safeguards Atelasi repair
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Suzhou division compares Electromechanical technology limited company is a major wholesale, what machine of pneumatics of maintenance screw type reachs Electromechanical component is professional company. Be in wholesale and overall respect: Because my company is Italian meaning bright (ELANG) plant of production of group pneumatics engine is stationed in Suzhou area to be sold continuously place (blame distribute or agent) accordingly all users and my company order a product to be able to enjoy one pace to reach the designated position directly factory price, enjoy the after service of high quality, my company headquarters is the meaning that held water at Italy 1891 bright group (ELANG) , the manufacturing experience that there are 100 years of aboves on the technology is produced in machine of screw type pneumatics, meaning bright brand is the world the famousest reach one of pneumatics machine brands with the most superior performance, all fittings performance is steady, fault rate is low, occupy stronger dominant position in the market gradually now, company actual strength marchs toward 500 strong ranks of world to appear on the market in world each country gradually. The respect maintains in pneumatics machine: My company is having headquarters major to the technology takes advanced courses and be sent in Suzhou area halt revive team of engineer of service of professional high quality, they have act with care and effort bright (ELANG) unified science and strict enterprise aggrandizement run the whole world of the group, carry out a good technology and the most excellent service to provide user of machine of domestic all pneumatics, maintenance brand involves: Atelasi, answer fill, Shou Li, Yinggesuolan, day stands, divine steel, Mitsui, triumphant scatter, add Du Dan Buddha, exposed to the sun, vasting bell, firm force, Han Xin, all fittings all conclude with former plant long-term strategy cooperates, storage holds water in Suzhou, make sure all fittings merchandise on hand supplies each brand, special deserves freely to send come, if the client establishs long-term cooperation relationship surely with my company, my company is sure offer check of mensal make one's rounds for you (content includes: Machine cleanness; Operational failure is evaluated; The detailed content such as use guidance makes file card and save file to disk) , the client can grasp pneumatics opportunity all the year round moving state and data, if encounter urgent trouble, acceptance is received alarm hind client spot reachs inside 2 hours, open service phone 24 hours, without holiday, make sure repair rate of all pneumatics machine amounts to 99 % . Believe your eye, expect to cooperate with you, we will make your best choice!

Address: Suzhou people road centers of 420 business affairs of the door austral date 412 rooms

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