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Compressor of petro-chemical move back and forth is versed in Cheng technology s
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This regulation is trade of classics of basis former state appoint " about make known to lower levels petrifaction occupation standard was made 2002 edit the announcement that the project plans " (country industry of classics trade office [2002136) , by Luoyang of Chinese petrifaction group editor in chief of petro-chemical engineering company.

This regulation divides 10 chapters and 6 appendices in all. 6 appendices all are data sex appendix.

Stipulate main content includes originally:

-- the principle that the respect such as the function design of compressor of petro-chemical move back and forth, structure design, reasonable design of material choosing in order to and main component and configuration should follow;

-- the norm that the respect such as system of the auxiliary facility that put forward to regard aircrew as main component, auxiliary pipeline, control and appearance should observe;

-- to aircrew detect, experiment, pack, carry reached the respect such as the data to raise a requirement.

This regulation basically cites APIS Td 618-1995 of standard of American oil society, combine the characteristic of Chinese petro-chemical industry, complement or drafted a few new regulations.

Stipulate by machine of company of Chinese petrifaction group technical center station is managed originally, by Luoyang of Chinese petrifaction group petro-chemical engineering company is in charge of explaining.

This regulation is in executive process, if discover need revises additional point, raise the opinion supply management unit and chief editor unit with concerned data please, so that will edit henceforth when referenced.
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