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The type selecting guideline of pneumatics machine
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Actuating pressure (exhaust pressure) type selecting:
When the user plans machine of pneumatics of choose and buy, want to carry the actuating pressure of a need with gas certainly above all, increase the surplus of 1-2 Bar, choose the pressure of pneumatics machine again, (this surplus is to consider to install a place to arrive to use the pressure loss that the pipeline that enrage end is apart from actually from pneumatics machine, consider pressure surplus appropriately between 1-2 Bar according to the accident of the distance) . Of course, the size that pipeline opens way and turn of the dot more or less be also element of influence pressure losing, pipeline opens way bigger and turn the place is less, criterion pressure loss is smaller; Conversely, criterion pressure loss is bigger.
Accordingly, press of high above in the sky and the span that carry pipeline with gas each leave too far when, should magnify appropriately a diameter that is in charge of a road. If ambient conditions accords with the installation of pneumatics machine to ask and if operating mode allows, can carrying nearby installation with gas.

The type selecting of cubage discharge:
When ① is choosing discharge of pneumatics machine cubage, answer to know the cubage flow of all equipment that use gas first, take the number of discharge with 1.2 (magnify namely 20% surplus) ;
The discharge value that mount a horse of ② new project can offer according to the designing institute undertakes type selecting;
③ understands the cubage discharge parameter of the equipment that use gas to undertake type selecting to supplier of the equipment that use gas;
Station of ④ pneumatics machine is transformed can consult original parameter is worth union to undertake type selecting actually with smell situation;
Appropriate type selecting, be in benignantly to user itself and pneumatics aircraft equipment, type selecting crosses big waste, too little likelihood causes type selecting to pneumatics machine is in to load condition for a long time or use gas insufficient or pressure is not hit go up wait for malpractice.

Discharge of power and actuating pressure, cubage 3 person the relation between
In power changeless circumstance falls, when rotate speed happening changes, cubage discharge and actuating pressure also produce change accordingly; For example: The empty press of a 22KW, affirmatory when make actuating pressure is 7bar, according to rotate speed of computation of curve of compressor mainframe technology, capacity is 3.8 M3/min; When affirmatory actuating pressure is 8bar, rotate speed must be reduced (otherwise excess load of drive report opportunity) , at this moment, capacity is 3.6 M3/min; Because, rotate speed was reduced, exhaust also decreased accordingly, the rest may be deduced by analogy.
The type selecting of power is the requirement that satisfying actuating pressure and cubage discharge falls, the use power that can satisfy place to match drive electric machinery for capacitance can.
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