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Compressor installs standard and requirement
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2. Voltage drop cannot exceed 5% of rated voltage, each phase voltage is poor in 3% less than.

3. Compressor power source must be used deserve to have switch-disconnector, move with preventing short circuit generation to be short of.

4. Check second loop fuse, according to the power volume of compressor the choice does not have switch of frit silk insurance appropriately.

5, compressor had better use system of a power alone, avoid to use up systematic paralell connection to make with other and different electric power

With, special when the power when compressor is greater may because pass big voltage drop or three-phase electricity lopsided and form compressor overload to make protector movements springs machine.

6, must it is dangerous that ground wire prevents leakage of electricity to cause, must not receive go up in air duct or cooling conduit.

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