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Compressor installs standard and requirement
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A. Installation environment decorates a requirement

1, the need that admits to suit, the computer room is in of general drawing should leave the room that has extend locally.

2, air compressor is direct from inside atmosphere inspiratory, to reduce unit wear away, the possibility that corrode and explodes, computer room and send out the place of the harmful material such as volatile, caustic, toxic gas, dust must want to have certain space, because compressor comes loose quantity of heat is big, the air temperature inside special summer machine is very high, so the front of the computer room should make have between the machine good ventilated, reduce insolation as far as possible.

3, although compressor has casing, but forbidden rainwater drenchs asperse, because this compressor is unfavorable,open air is installed.

4, compressor room is independent building,

5. Compressor room must contain equipment of put out a fire of carbon dioxide of fixed put out a fire, its hand moves switch to must be installed it is besides dangerous area. Can touch at any time. Put out a fire of carbon dioxide of equipment of put out a fire is angry implement or pulverous fire extinguisher should put park to be protected near the target, but should be besides dangerous area.

B. The computer room installs a requirement

1, the ground had better be floor of bright and clean cement, of wall inside the surface should be wiped white, on ground of concrete of park of compressor base appropriate, and planar level is spent do not be more than 0.5/1000 (Mm) . Be in outside leaving aircrew 200 Mm to have groove all around, so that aircrew jockeys oil change, overhaul or erode when clean ground, oily, water can go from groove midstream, groove dimension is decided oneself by the user.

2, compressor group puts park floor, should ensure one's store of valuables and ground joint are good, produce vibration in case, increase noise.

3, to conditional user, computer room metope can affix sound absorption board, can reduce noise further, but unfavorable with and so on of face brick of pottery and porcelain good appearance material decorates metope.

4, because wind is cold model the effect that compressor suffers environmental temperature is big, because this computer room is ventilated Ying Liang is good, dry, heat exchange air can use the pipe that bring wind derivative and outdoors or the fan that set a platoon, temperature of control compressor environment is in - inside 40 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ .

5, the dust inside the computer room is little, air cleanness, do not contain harmful gas to reach contain the caustic medium such as sulphurous acid. Machine the property of the product according to you, air inlet should deserve to one class filters device. Current and valid area should be more than the window 3m2

C. Power source and periphery wiring ask

1. Compressor advocate power source is AC(380V/50Hz) three-phase, freeze-dry machine is AC (220V/50HZ) acknowledge power source please.
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