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Supply engine of pneumatics of odd, double screw quite
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4, brief introduction of machine of odd screw pneumatics
Traceable of machine of odd screw pneumatics 20 centuries 60 time, look from the name, the feature of this kinds of compressor is to have rotor of a screw only. But actually, machine of odd screw pneumatics has 3 runner shaft coming back however, mix two to be comprised with the planetary gear with screw perpendicular rotor by rotor of a screw namely. Regard screw pneumatics machine as a familial, machines and tools of odd screw pneumatics has and the advantage of likeness of machine of double screw pneumatics, but because exist,the following difficult problem that solve hard on industry make did not get large-scale promotion continuously firstly.

1, athletic component is more: Machine of odd screw pneumatics has 3 runner shaft coming back, and the tigidity of screw and planetary gear differs bigger, changeful form is inhomogenous in motion, consequently precision of mutual clench the teeth assures hard, cubage efficiency is so inferior. In the odd screw compressor that sells on the market at present planetary gear all uses metalloid data, wearability is poorer, in process of high speed job, because wear away bigger, cause inside leak increases, the discharge after working for some time consequently has bigger attenuation, after passing the 3000 movement that come 4000 hours commonly, discharge is average attenuation 5~10 % . So machine of odd screw pneumatics uses medium economy extreme difference in industry. Add metabolic inhomogenous the precision of clench the teeth that cause assures to still can be caused hard overall the mechanical stability of equipment is reduced, fault rate is consequently high, maintenance rate is high, restricted its scope of application further.

2, the material of planetary gear remains to be improved further. One of core components that planetary gear regards odd screw as compressor, its main effect is a sealed action. If choose the planetary gear wheel of steeliness, because rolled steel coefficient of expansion is big, expand the amount is large, must leave bigger gap between planetary gear and screw so, not only leak is much, efficiency is low, and bite easily dead cause major trouble: If use composite material, although can solve afore-mentioned problems, but because current composite material strength is low, wearability is poor, below the action that the shearing force in locomotive process and machinery grind, can damage very quickly not only, cause internal leak to increase, efficiency drops, and maintenance is frequent, increase maintain staff work intensity and maintenance cost. How to find a kind of strength as soon as possible tall, expand degree small and the another big question that the material of wear-resisting becomes each manufacturer to need to solve. However, will look with respect to the progress with at present scientific data, short-term inside get essential sex hard solve.

3, screw molded lines remains to be optimized further. As a result of above the existence of two problems and also did not settle way very well in the future that can foreknow, restricted the promotion of machine of odd screw pneumatics thereby. The investment that so scientific research orgnaization and each large empty press makes an enterprise go up in the research of odd screw molded lines is not large, also did not obtain greater progress all the time. How finding first-rate screw molded lines is another before large-scale promotion major work. But because market prospect is poorer, each investment of main manufacturer is not large also, so short-term inside also have essential sex hard rise.
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