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Supply engine of pneumatics of odd, double screw quite
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One. Odd screw compressor
1. Reduce subsidiary engine volume, reduce cost. Volume of lead plane of odd screw compressor is very minor, and subsidiary engine share is relative bigger, especially the oil gas segregator in oil path system, oily condenser and oily filter the existence that wait, make overall cost also raises accordingly.
2. Perfect breed norms, measure polar progress to high capacity and small look. Demand of precision of secondary treatment of clench the teeth of odd screw compressor is high, make the capacity of compressor gets to two polarization development the limitation on the technology.
3. Apply to refrigeration industry.
2. Double screw compressor
Screw compressor applies extensively at the industrial department such as mine, chemical industry, motivation, metallurgy, building, mechanical, refrigeration, inside broad capacity and factory limits, replaced the compressor of other sort stage by stage. Statistical data makes clear, the sale of screw compressor already had the 80 ﹪ above of sale of cubage type compressor, in all cubage type compressor that moving, having 50 ﹪ is screw compressor. The market share person of screw compressor will expand ceaselessly henceforth, do not have compressor of oily screw air and compressor of craft of of all kinds screw especially, can obtain rapidder development

One, overview
Screw air compressor has a structure simple, job reachs an operation to go to the lavatory reliably wait for a series of distinct advantages, be taken seriously extensively of industrial group consequently since birth day. Through old development, screw pneumatics machine is mixed in the discharge of 1~60M3/MIN be less than the pressure that is equal to 20Barg get applied extensively inside limits, develop in the western economy such as Europe, beautiful, day of the area have rate is already adjacent 100 % (replace) of piston air compressor almost completely, and among them 99 % above is compressor of double screw air.

2, the classification of screw air compressor
1, the amount cent that presses screw is machine of pneumatics of machine of double screw pneumatics and odd screw.
2, by whether is there lube to participate in cent to be machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil and machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw in reducing a process.

3, brief introduction of principle of machine of double screw pneumatics
Machine of double screw pneumatics is born at 20 centuries 30 time. It is decorated by a pair of parallel, the rotor composition of mutual clench the teeth. When the job, a rotor presses roll of suitable hour hand, a rotor presses anticlockwise roll, in the process of mutual clench the teeth, air is compressed the pressure of a need. Double screw compressor has extremely high mechanical reliability and admirable dynamical balance sex, operation and maintenance also very convenient, cause industrial group huge to pay close attention to namely since the day that come out. Through numerous scientific research orgnaization and the many theory of production enterprise consider to work and produce practice, double screw compressor at 20 centuries 70 time already tended maturity is mixed perfect, scored huge market success, it is the dominant product with at present medium market. Current, domestic and international the screw pneumatics engine that well-known compressor production company produces all is compressor of double screw air, and in the screw pneumatics machine that sells in the market, 99 % above all is compressor of double screw air.
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