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The drive of pneumatics machine designs the transmission way of machine of screw
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Positive drive and belt-conveyor

In the transmission system of pneumatics machine, can divide commonly for straight drive and belt-conveyor, long-term since, bad of what of actor of what of way of two kinds of transmission is one of focuses that industry argues all the time. What the straight drive of machine of screw type pneumatics points to is by of motor main shaft even the axis implement come with gear case gearshift drive rotor, this is not the straight drive on real significance actually. What the straight drive on real significance points to is motor and rotor are linked together directly (coaxial) and both rate is same. This kind of circumstance is few apparently. Accordingly the viewpoint that the sort of thinking that straight drive does not have energy loss is incorrect. Have 1 only: 1 straight couplet just is the straight couplet on real significance! Those who install dragon pneumatics machine to contact a row to use continuously is 1: 1 straight couplet.

Way of another kind of transmission is belt-conveyor, the leather belt that way of this kind of transmission allows to pass different diameter annulus the rotate speed that will change rotor. The belt-conveyor system of place discussion is the represents newest science and technology automation that points to contented and following condition below system: The leather belt tension of each movement condition all achieves L optimize a value. L crosses the large pulling force that start through avoiding, prolonged the working life of leather belt greatly, dropped the negative charge of motor and rotor bearing at the same time. L ensures from beginning to end correct leather belt annulus join. L changes leather belt is mixed quite easily quick, and must not make to original set adjust. Safety of system of drive of L whole leather belt runs without breakdown.
Be worth what carry is, the manufacturer itself that urges direct positive drive also has one part product to use belt-conveyor.

The comparison of positive drive and belt-conveyor:

1, efficiency

Admirable positive drive efficiency can amount to 98%-99% , good belt-conveyor design issues Yike to achieve the efficiency of 99% in normal working requirement (refer to Professor Heinz Peeken to was published in December 1991 " transmission technology " the research that go up reports) . Both difference does not depend on the choice of transmission way, and depend on the design of manufacturer and production level.

2, carry specific power consumption for nothing

To means of gear straight drive, carry pressure to want to maintain commonly for nothing in 2.5 Bar above, some is as high as 4 Bar even, in order to ensure of gear case lubricant.
To belt-conveyor means, theoretic tell carry pressure to be able to be for nothing 0, because the oily enough of rotor engulf is lubricant,rotor is mixed bearing. It is safe for the purpose of commonly, pressure is maintained control in 0.5 Bar.
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