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JB/T 8693-1998 is large and medium-sized air depart equipment
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0 preface

This standard is pair of ZB J76 010.1-88 " large and medium-sized condition of technology of air depart equipment " with ZB J76 010.2-88 " large and medium-sized method of experiment of performance of air depart equipment " edit.

This standard changes somewhat on content of the following and main technique:

----This standard more reflected technical contract (or technical agreement) the importance in delivery of air depart equipment;

----The product flow in the standard increases 4 kinds by two kinds, be adjusted and complemented its function index;

----Increased to matter to product quality and be not the engineering design that is for square place and installation requirement;

----Basis in last few years manufacturing practice and relative standard ask 8, to other technical requirement also made the part revise;

----The take out in the standard ZB J76 010.1- - 3 88 medium appendices.

The sun of autogenous effect has this level, replace ZB J76 010.1 at the same time- - 88 with ZB J76 010.2-88.

This standard is versed in by machinery depart of trade department gas and committee of technology of liquefacient equipment standardization put forward to put in a mouth 's charge. This standard drafts an unit: Hangzhou controls oxygen group limited company.

This standard basically drafts a person: Yang Guangfu, Zhang Chuanli, Xu Lian first, Bao Da.

1, limits

This standard set large and medium-sized the definition of separate facility, product classifies air and method of experiment of requirement of model, technology, function and law of check proved recipe, test gauge criterion, mark, pack reach store.

This standard applies to aerobic crop to be more than or be equal to 1000m3/ H, with microtherm law detached air makes the air that takes body of oxygen, nitrogen and argon separate facility (sky of the following abbreviation divides equipment) .

Note: Crop of the oxygen in a standard, nitrogen all is the aeriform quantity of standard reference conditions, namely 0 ℃ , 101.325kPa(absolutely) the aeriform quantity below condition, the unit is M3/h.

The person that the pressure in 2 standards was not made clear is gauge pressure, add (absolutely) to be pressed absolutely.

2, cite standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.

GB 150-89

Steeliness pressure vessel

GB 151-89

Steeliness is in charge of shell type heat exchanger

GB/T 2624-93

Discharge measures throttle unit to use also board, the canal in nozzle and Wen Qiu measures the fluid flow that is full of round canal
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