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Of engine oil filter change
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  1. Engine oil core should change after new machine first time moves 500 hours, with oil of special spanner spin filter core gets off, new strain had better add screw engine oil before core mount, filter core is sealed twist the filter that answer oil with both hands, screw forcibly.
  2. Suggest every 1500-2000 hour changes new strain core, oily filter core had better change at the same time when changing engine oil, use when the environment is harsh should shorten change periodic.
  3. Forbidden exceed deadline to use core of engine oil filter, jam as a result of filter core otherwise serious, press difference to exceed by-pass valve to bear bounds, by-pass valve is opened automatically, a large number of spoil, grain can follow engine oil to enter screw lead plane directly inside, cause serious consequence.
  4. Bavin moves engine oil of screw aircraft diesel engine to filter core and derv filter of core change should abide by diesel engine to maintain ask to undertake, change means and core of screw engine oil are similar.

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