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Answer fill empty press trouble removal to express
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One, cannot start (lamp of electric equipment breakdown shines) : 1. Fuse burn down 2. Protect relay movement 3. The relay that start breakdown 4. Contact of the pushbutton that start is undesirable 5. Voltage is too low 6. Electromotor breakdown 7. Airframe breakdown 8. Owe photograph protection relay movement

2, locomotive electric current is tall, tripping operation of compressor proper motion (electric breakdown light is bright) : 1. Voltage is too low 2. Exhaust pressure is too high 3. Cooling fluid norms is incorrect 4. Oily fine segregator jams 5. Compressor 6. Circuit contact contact is undesirable

3, locomotive electric current under normal value: 1. Air wastage is too big (pressure is worth movement in set) 2. The inhaler jams 3. Start of a powerful person that take energy of life is bad (card lives not movement) 4. Air conditioning a powerful person is adjusted undeserved 5. Pressure set is undeserved

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