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Compressor of the screw that do not have oil maintains a guideline
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Daily maintain content:

1.Core of examination empty filter and refrigerant fluid;
2.Whether do examination tube and all pipe fittings have leak case;
3.Check various inlet temperature and exhaust temperature, clean intermediate condenser and aftercooler when necessary;
4.Examination bearing oil pressure and oil are lukewarm, clean oily condenser when necessary;
5.Examination condenser water arranges a condition, be like discover discharge capacity is too small or discharge without condenser water, must stop machine clean water segregator;

Maintain every months content:

1.Check oily condenser surface, give when necessary clean;
2.Clean aftercooler;
3.Clean water segregator;
4.Check all electrical wiring to join the circumstance gives close solid;
5.Examination communication contactor touchs a head;
6.Clean electric machinery inhales the dust of blast tuyere surface and housing surface;

Every quarter maintains content:

1.Advocate electric machinery is added note grease;
2.Clean advocate electric machinery and fan electric machinery;
3.More oil change filters core;
4.Clean oily condenser;
5.Check temperature sensor and pressure sensor.

Maintain every year content:

1.Change refrigerant (SL200);
2.The examination stops go against a powerful person;
3.Check cooling fan;
4.Check hydraulic pressure crock, change when necessary maintenance component;
5.Check air bleeder, change when necessary maintenance component;
6.Check all metal collapsible tube.

Note: About the detail of care and maintenance of pneumatics machine, read random operation instruction handbook carefully please

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