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Screw pneumatics machine maintains skill: Screw mill
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One, bearing runs outside round common cause

2, screw tatty processing technique

3, with normal nose overhaul is protected period
1, BearingRun because cooperate,outer lane is commonly precision is insufficient and design of way of outer lane orientation is unreasonable cause. Generally speaking, the design of screw nose already very much the same, on the structure problem of nonexistent already design, appear run outer lane basically is individual nose spare parts machines out of tolerance to cause. Appear of course maintenance of this kind of phenomenon is special difficulty, because one but run outer lane can bring about bearing aperture to wear away necessarily increase, thereby its cooperate to cannot achieve design requirement more. Everybody can think specific settlement through different structure method.
2, if screw rotor has worn away relatively serious, repair must have when the capacity that leak place creates already cannot satisfy the requirement using gas of the user namely, the means of usable spray when repair go up again screw machine tool is machined can. But do not have such actual strength as a result of major service business, because this is finished hard. Repair also can have with manual means after spray of course, this need knows the molded lines equation with this specific screw, machine one module to undertake manual rehabilitate wants to design an appropriative tool to finish repair to work at the same time.
3, will tell commonly, although double screw nose uses on 10 years of above (should use normally only) , of its rotor wear away and not apparent, that is to say its efficiency drops won't have too big. Maintain normally control by hour of 25000 hours of ~30000 moreBearingCan. (be not all nose to undertake by this time, what if protect,cure is OK after delaying, maintain a poor need ahead of schedule) .

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