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Principle of screw type compressor reachs a dominant position
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One, principle of screw type compressor introduces

The rotor of of a pair of mutual clench the teeth gyroidal yin and yang inside cylinder of screw type compressor, two rotor have a tooth-like part of anything of a few sunken form, both each other rotates reversely. Mix between rotor the clearance between housing and rotor is 5 ~ only 10, advocate rotor (call this world rotor or protruding rotor again) , through by engine or electromotor drive (majority is electromotor drive) , another rotor (call shade rotor or sunken rotor again) be by advocate the oily film that rotor forms through fuel injection has drive, or by advocate rotor end and the synchronous gear drive that sunken rotor carries. Contact without the metal in drive so (theoretic) .

Capacity of the length of rotor and diametical decision compressor (discharge) with exhaust pressure, rotor is longer, pressure is higher; Rotor diameter is bigger, flow is larger.

Course of helix rotor groove is full of gas when inspiratory mouth. When rotor rotates, rotor groove is closed by housing wall, form compress antrum room, after rotor groove closes, lube is entered to compress antrum room by gush, case sealed. Refrigeration and lubricant action. Rotate when rotor compress lubricant gas (mixture of abbreviation oil gas) when, compress antrum room cubage to reduce, compress oil gas mixture to vent. When compressing antrum room to pass vent, oil gas mixture from compressor eduction, finish inspiratory -- compress -- exhaust process.

Every rotor of screw machine by bearing of anti-friction bearing place, bearing is secured by the upright lid that stands by runner shaft to carry a department. The end that take energy of life by roller bearing bearing, exhaust is carried by the bearing of congratulate awl roller that leans with be opposite the bearing that is exhaust end normally is made rotor locates, stop namely push bearing, counteractive axial thrust, bear radial load, offer must axial runs the least space.

The job can be divided circularly for inspiratory, compress and exhaust 3 processes. Rotate as rotor, every finish identical working loop in succession to the tine of mutual clench the teeth.

2, the advantage of screw type compressor:

1) screw compressor and piston compressor are identical, belong to cubage type compressor. Will see screw pneumatics machine be like next advantages with respect to use effect.

2) reliability is high. Screw compressor component is little, not fragile, its movement is consequently reliable, life is long, heavy repair interval period can amount to 4-8 10 thousand hours.

3) the operation is safeguarded convenient. Rate of screw compressor automation is high, operation personnel need not groom through long major, can realize unmanned value to observe movement.
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