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The oil change measure of screw compressor
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The oil change measure of screw compressor:

1.Switch on the mobile phone and move to normal temperature to last one hour

2.Close machine

3.The platoon goes gasoline tank, condenser and the oil in all filter

4.Join new the smallest oily amount that changing oil requires to locomotive place (be like: 1/2 cubage)

5.Switch on the mobile phone and run normal operation temperature to last one hour. In this hour, every 15 minutes of open shut exhaust valve to let a machine install next loops in highest pressure and lowermost pressure valve. You can increase in the bubble on bovine eye viewport. You also can see viewport becomes crystal from initial lacteal chaotic account

6.Close machine

7.The platoon goes gasoline tank, condenser and the oil in all filter

8.Join new changing oil comes 1/2 cubage

9.Repeat the 5th situation

10.Close machine

11.The platoon goes making the oil in ministry machine, include condenser, gasoline tank and filter. If be necessary debus conduit the oil with eliminate small part. Clean mesh; changes segregator and all oily colander that are not permanent type. The examination imports the situation that filter is covered by contaminative oil, if the word of need changes

12.Join those who recommend the oil that needs to change to need to locomotive place the smallest oily amount (be like: 1/2 cubage)

13.Switch on the mobile phone and run normal temperature to last 15 minutes

14.Close machine drop the oil inside the machine side by side. Open empty filter and screen pack, but need not change

15.The oil that you recommend is tasted it is normal to join a machine to come oil level

16.Switch on the mobile phone afresh and note oil level. When the machine is operated the meeting inside viewport has make an appointment with 1/2 oil

17.The bubble inside 2 minutes when close machine hind can come dispersedly oil level and in doing not have oil to banish a powerful person from discharge, pour out of.

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