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Of piston and machine of screw type pneumatics use quite
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The structure reachs working principle

1, piston is not had oil-lubricated air compressor

Piston is not had oil-lubricated air compressor reachs the composition such as control equipment by compressor lead plane, cooling system, regulating system, lubricant system, relief valve, electromotor. Compressor and electromotor originally closely to go up in baseplate with bolt, baseplate is secured with foundation bolt go up in the foundation. The electromotor when the job is passed even the axis implement direct drive crankshaft, drive connecting rod, crosshead and piston staff, make the piston makes reciprocate inside the air cylinder of compressor, finish inspiratory, compress, the process such as eduction. This machine is double action compressor, namely the piston moves to all have air downward up inspiratory, compress and eduction.

2, compressor of screw type air

Compressor of screw type air is departed by screw nose, electromotor, oil gas the composition such as bucket, cooling system, air regulating system, lubricant system, relief valve and control system. Overall install inside a casing, become an organic whole oneself, on the cement floor that is put in level off directly can, need not secure with foundation bolt go up in the foundation. Screw nose is circumgyrate of type of cubage of 1 kind of double axes compressor first. 1 pair of tall precision advocate (in relief) , deputy (shade) rotor level and install parallelly at housing interior, advocate (in relief) rotor has 5 a tooth-like part of anything, and deputy (shade) rotor has 6 a tooth-like part of anything. Advocate rotor diameter is big, deputy rotor diameter is small. Tooth form becomes helix state, both and mutual clench the teeth. Advocate deputy rotor two end are located by bearing bearing respectively. The electromotor when the job is passed even the axis implement (or leather belt) direct belt advocate rotor, as a result of 2 rotor mutual clench the teeth, advocate rotor drives deputy rotor to rotate together directly. Cooling fluid by compressor housing direct gush enters lower spray head part of rotor clench the teeth, mix with air, take away the quantity of heat of because of compressing generation, achieve cooling result. Form lilquid film at the same time, prevent the metal between rotor and metal direct contact and close mix between rotor the clearance between housing. The cooling fluid that gush enters also can reduce high speed to reduce the noise of a generation.

The main part of machine of screw type pneumatics is bucket of depart of screw nose, oil gas. Screw nose carries inspiratory filter and a powerful person of the control that take energy of life inspiratory, at the same time oily infuse air is compressed room, undertake to nose cooling, sealed and undertake lubricating to screw and bearing, compress room generation to compress air. The oil gas gas mixture that after compressing, makes discharges oil gas inside detached bucket, because machinery leaves mental efforts and gravitational action, the oil of great majority mixes the depart in body to come out from oil gas. Air is passed by the oil gas cylinder of make it of siliceous boracic fibre glass core, almost all oily mist are come out by depart. The oil that from oil gas cylinder core depart comes out returns screw nose through answering vitta inside. Answering vitta jacket to have oily filter, after answering oil to filter through oily filter, clean oily ability regurgitate comes inside screw nose. After oil is come out by depart, compress air to control a powerful person to leave oil gas canister to enter aftercooler through the least pressure. Aftercooler compress air refrigeration back row to offer each to use gas unit to use to gas tank. The water that condensation comes out is centered inside gas tank, move eduction through automatic water trap or hand.
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