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The configuration of screw compressor and working process
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1. Configuration
Double screw compressor is circumgyrate of type of cubage of a kind of double axis compressor, its basically are advocate (in relief) deputy (shade) two rotor cooperate, comprise clench the teeth deputy, advocate deputy rotor tooth form is exterior form with housing wall close base yuan cubage; And worm (odd screw) compressor is a kind of Chan Zhourong the circumgyrate that accumulate type compressor, its clench the teeth deputy it is the star that decorates by a worm and two symmetrical plane annulus place composition, by its worm snail chamfer and face of astral teeth of a cogwheel and housing wall are formed close base yuan cubage.
   Screw compressorairframe is equational it is two kinds, one kind is belt-conveyor type, another kind is straight drive type. Among them belt-conveyor type relatively the compressor that applies to 22KW to control power, it is the leather belt that makes by speed scale by 2 annulus dynamical by belt-conveyor; Straight drive type is 1 connects an axis implement will dynamoelectric source and lead plane union are together, worm type compressor can drive worm to rotate directly, and double screw compressor must increase one class to gain fast gear again in order to rise advocate the rotate speed of rotor.

2. Working process
DoubleScrew compressorworking process: Electromotor classics shaft coupling, add fast gear or leather belt to drive advocate rotor, because two rotor are mutual clench the teeth, advocate rotor drives deputy rotor to rotate together directly namely, below action of opposite negative pressure, air is inspiratory, fall in tine peak and action of be identical of roller seating space, gas is carried to compress, when face of rotor clench the teeth turns to be interlinked with housing vent, gas be compressioned begins eduction.

The working process of worm compressor: Electromotor sends motive force to worm axis with shaft coupling or leather belt, drive astral teeth of a cogwheel to move relatively inside worm chamfer by worm, close base yuan cubage happening is fluctuant, gas, carry compress, should reach design pressure value, by the triangular vent that two side semmetry controls on lead plane housing the platoon comes inside oil gas segregator.

All leave on the lead plane housing of screw compressor have fuel injection opening, the pressure of resort oneself is poor, in compress oily gush of process lieutenant general to arrive compress antrum, with cooling gas, sealed each component clearance, rise to suck brace up, noise elimination and lubricant action.

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