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Compressor of screw type air is exported why oil content
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Screw type airCompressorSpeak oil content account:
One, off quality of oil gas segregator. Oil is divided bad (authentic fittings)

2, lube is unqualified. (manufacturer is special oily)
3, pressure maintains set of a powerful person to had been worth a bottom; Should be in 0.45-0.55Mpa.

4, answer vitta 2 Mm place jams, time vitta jams or answer vitta deflection. Answer vitta to bend or deviate oil divides core bottom (whether the examination jams or deflection) answer oily one-way a powerful person to jam

5, the aftertreatment does not have sufficient blowdown. (install time blowdown valve)

6, oil level is exorbitant, oily character appears bubble

7, oil is lukewarm exorbitant or the viscosity of oil is too rare

8, does pressure keep a powerful person what reason is open pressure crosses the lube in low piston compressor to use up too much? Answer: Compressor lube has used up basically is following element more: 1. Lube is too rare (engine oil temperature is high, the brand nots agree with requirement) ; 2. Lube oil pressure is exorbitant; 3. The gap between piston, air cylinder is too big; 4. Air cylinder breaks a circle or had worn away big; 5. Air cylinder change is oily: (1) piston annulus abrasion is too big lose spring; (2) piston annulus bite into is in annulus chamfer; (3) gap of chamfer of piston annulus annulus is too big; (4) annulus of the piston that install a fault. 6. Crankshaft bearing or gap of connecting rod bearing are too big; 7. Exorbitant or crankcase temperature is ventilated undesirable; 8. With splatter the staff making oil with lubricant lubricant law grows type too or crankcase oil level is too high. Detached core had better use oil gas to be installed formerly (inside of buy) the position that answers vitta has deflection, outside of buy should look to answer vitta and mesh to perhaps wind oily one-way a powerful person. Air compressor pressure maintains velocity of flow of a powerful person exorbitant also can arise compress the case with air high oil content (open pressure is too low) , this kind of case often appears.

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