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Report of pneumatics aircraft division transforms plan and benefit
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One, the feasibility that report of pneumatics aircraft division transforms

Pneumatics machine is using the bad news in the process can be be obvious to all, the electric equipment of section of fan of culmination high pressure that principle of frequency conversion of energy-saving company basis manufactures Beijing culmination can is opposite the empty press of all motor drive undertakes section report transform. Effect of overall section report is distinct, section report rate amounts to 20 ~ 50% .

Now what with Beijing culmination energy-saving company is some limited company is actual transform be as follows for exemple specification:

Electric estate company has 4 at present full automatic product line, have the opportunity that note model additionally 80 come stage, needs compression air is offerred by a group of compressor groups. System of this factory air feed shares 380V compressor 4, among them two 37KW work from beginning to end, additional 55KW and 45KW are in according to air feed circumstance different time paragraph inside investment is used. Because compressor is designing the inaccuracy in the inadequacy on and manufacturing process to decide an element, this air compresses a system to put in following blemish:

Waste electric energy. Air actuating pressure is compressed to ask to be 3kgf/cm2 on product line, upward pressure of manager transporting gas maintains in 3.2kgf/cm2 more appropriate. Because air is impossible constant, actually, travel of accident of two 37KW pneumatics can satisfy a requirement basically, 3 pneumatics accident goes, appear a more frequent empty deflate phenomenon, wasteful electric energy is relatively serious. And systematic pressure often fluctuates in 3kgf/cm2-4kgf/cm2 big range, the product quality of certain working procedure is affected on certain level.

Noise is big. The noise when air compressor discharges empty deflate automatically is great, cause environmental pollution.

Impact of electrified wire netting is big. Because 3 pneumatics machine all is labour frequency,start, move, the starting electric current of the machine is highest achieve 630A above, cause impact to electrified wire netting.

Air feed measures wave motion. As a result of the system cannot quantity of self-adjusting air feed, the wave motion that offers tolerance has certain effect to the quality of the product.

The place on put together is narrated, can use pneumatics machine energy-saving system is right existing air compresses a system to undertake technical reformation, use PID to control frequency conversion technology to build system of constant voltage air feed, obtain section report thereby, reduce noise, drop device rub caustic, decrease to be pounded to electrified wire netting, enhance power fruit of equivalent of quality of element, stable product.

Air compresses systematic section report to transform a principle

1, brief introduction of section report principle
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