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First two level of domestic compress air screw lead plane to be born
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Produce learn to grind an organic whole, innovation of my group technique writtens guarantee again great achievements

In July the middle ten days of a month, first two level of domestic compress air screw lead plane to overcome screw machinery limited company to be born in Shanghai Wei Ertai, immediately, this China that has content of hi-tech of completely own intellectual property " core " be in by installation also is just the movable type of LGCY18/17 derv motivation with successful research and development on air compressor, after half month, aircrew runs test result declare: Achievement of this technology innovation achieved design requirement, each parameter makes clear: Performance of plane of pneumatics of LGCY18/17 screw type is on world top-ranking level, broke foreign product to be opposite the forestall of our country market.

Well-known, machine of screw type pneumatics is having the advantage on many technologies than piston pneumatics machine, especially 2 class compress screw pneumatics machines and tools to have energy-saving wait for clearer technical advantage. According to Shanghai Wei Ertai overcomes general manager of screw machinery limited company Introduction Jiang Xiaohua: "2 class compress screw lead plane one, design of type of 2 class fission, assured good refrigeration, be close to isotherm to compress more, can come true reach the energy-saving result of 15% " . However, because still do not have domestic company to be able to produce 2 class to compress screw lead plane, foreign product although have,offer money to home market, but the price is very high, date of delivery is very long, the amount that offer money is insufficient also. Now, situation of this one forestall already was broken, will make new contribution for managing China.

More important is, as the development with rapid economy of our country countryman, mine excavate facility is increasingly large change, and the empty press that motivation of large excavate equipment complement needs high wind pressure, the machine of screw type pneumatics of high wind pressure must install 2 class to compress screw lead plane. Before the car does not develop Qian Kongzuan of my group KY140 to give optimal efficiency, the pressure that the reason provides in machine of pneumatics of form a complete set is insufficient, there was LGCY18/17 form a complete set now. 17 kilograms pressure can make the car develops KY140 Qian Kongzuan certainly efficient, LGCY18/17 + KY140 also can make the brunt equipment that our country mine excavates certainly. Returning those who be worth to be carried is, the LGCY18/17 of high-pressured force moves far so not taller than pressure aircrew is smooth, oscillatory, noise wants apparently small. Inside reason, jiang Xiaohua general manager also gave out the answer: "2 class compress screw lead plane to be in achieve 17 kilograms of pressure while, lowered the compression ratio that each class reduces, the only course compressor that state getting power is equivalent to pressure of 4 kilograms of or so exhaust merely, run smooth, vibration consequently small, noise is low " .
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