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Urgent user place is urgent, accuse to solve pneumatics machine to accuse to tra
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In November 2007, technical joint-stock company and Urumqi petrifaction branch accused to sign in build south pneumatics station transforms a project, this is Wu Shi changes the DCS system that in be being used first, controls to replace abroad advanced control device oneself, in its automata of the implementation in important equipment and plant safety protect refinery.

Black petrifaction is built south pneumatics station has 4 pneumatics machine and 4 desiccator, all be product of foreign well-known brand, basically be in charge of refinery appearance air feed. Before transforming, the controller of 2# pneumatics machine appears breakdown, other hidden trouble exists on the function of 3 pneumatics machine and dependability, reason user is badly in need of undertaking transforming to this project.

User requirement project is transformed it is normal to must assure to be refinery appearance finish below the premise of air feed, time is close and the requirement succeeds, because once error will be severe,affect black stone again,turn the production of refinery. When because this is in,choosing automata product, the user is careful all the more. Personnel of the sale that controls in, technology is aimed at transform a project difficulty of a lot of technology, go all lengths thrash out method, discuss through relapsing, offerred the program of user satisfaction eventually. Wu Shi changes the JX-300XP DCS system that in was being used finally, controls to undertake transforming.

Because this project involves the control of pneumatics machine and safe protection, together with transforms appearance of project spot cable messier, and parameter of protection of original device control character is done not have almost, primary equipment manufacturer also does not provide technical support. From safe angle consideration, the user asks to transform machine of a pneumatics first, after waiting for its to stabilize moving half an year, transform again other 3. In item executive process, encountered a lot of real problems: Interface of control of graph of needle convection Cheng, control is interlocking the requirement is penniless, the spot technology staff that accuses in and user decide by the side of edge discussion; When spot equipment adjustment, in the light of pneumatics machine guide vane control is not anticipated imitate to measure control however two switch measure control and without a powerful person feedback, after the technical personnel hand that accuses in moves bear of will empty press to stabilize control, through the program processing implemented the automation to pneumatics machine, eventually problem head off a danger... the project joins movement at succeeding in June 2008.

Current, this project passed nearly 3 months move, case of implementation of each control function is good, the system moves extraordinary all the time stability, transform what the effect got an user to approbate with satisfaction. Carry this item, the employee of good technical actual strength, rich spot engineering experience, reliable control product and Jing Yeai hillock, serious work accuses in was being revealed adequately; Also make black petrifaction user farther thorough knowledge, in was being known, accuse, this cooperates to bilateral follow-up, and DCS product accuses to walked into petrifaction core unit to lay good foundation further in be.
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