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The stage amounts to frequency conversion technology to help pneumatics machine
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(5) air feed pressure can undertake parameter revise at any time by the user according to actual condition, the operation is simple. Reduce power consumption, cost of managing air feed. In software control falls, aircrew can realize frequency of frequency conversion, labour to not have disturb switch.

The interface that human nature changes, reliable data, accurate system, make the stage amounts to automation product between without seam join to sink every reference point, those who assured whole control system is efficient run. Pass those who count day to make an on-the-spot investigation, this system increased production greatly efficiency and stability, raised pressure to control precision, prolonged the service life of compressor, reduced the noise of pneumatics machine, energy-saving gains is remarkable, the accord that gets a client reputably, they express to will continue to support an automation product that amount to in succession, hope to be able to maintain long-term and friendly collaboration relationship.

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