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Outside saying natural gas of haing jade fruit, be defeated reclaim natural gas
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Up to on October 5, compressor safety is defeated to run 1 many month to come outside jade fruit natural gas already accumulative total reclaims natural gas 400 thousand stere, show good economic benefits. So far, the project is defeated outside saying natural gas of fruit of jade of haing oil field comprehensive complete, throw normal movement.
In recent years, as Yu Guo oily area develops dimensions to expand ceaselessly, the companion that crude oil produces in manufacturing process gives birth to natural tolerance to also grow day and day. As a result of the confine of establishment of form a complete set, before the natural gas here must put empty pattern processing with burning.
Of as oily as Yu Guo area " cannot eat " those who form bright contrast is, the device of natural gas of spring of god of Pu north oil field around however " be on short commons " , device is not worth because of raw material natural gas and long-term small negative charge moves. From this, spit haing oil field to open natural gas of the fruit that build jade to carry the project of Pu north.
November 2007, yu Guo is defeated by tracheal line to begin laid to Pu north. After the project is finishing in August 2008, spit rash time management department of equipment of oil extraction plant and work area of Yu Guo oil extraction cooperate closely, make up newspaper compressor to drop carry plan ahead of schedule, organize compressor meticulously debug, adjust and to load works, overcome a lot of difficulty that exists in the process that join movement, at realizing compressor on August 20 to load casts fortune success.
On August 20, as Yu Guo the complete that the project is defeated by outside natural gas joins movement, in Yu Guo in the sky flaming torch goes out eventually, and everyday of 24 thousand stere add natural tolerance newly to let divine spring natural gas handle device to be able to be fully loaded with carry to go from now on, natural gas utilization rate and light hydrocarbon yield rise from this, begin to create favorable beneficial result for oil field.

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