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The industry such as line of business of cost ascendant pump and small-sized emp
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Guan Danying of manager of foreign trade of Inc. of Electromechanical of Zhejiang Xin Lei says, exit is done harder 9 this years, more difficult this year. Her analysis says, in causing the part that exports difficulty, cost rises occupy 75 % , the RMB occupies 25 % to the exchange rate element of the dollar. Since Feburary, whole production cost rose than 7 years of the corresponding period 20 % , cost of material of its Central Plains rose on average 13 % , because labour force and the cost that exchange rate changes rise,occupy 6%~7 % . And of this 20 % rise cost is impossible marry again abroad on travelling merchant body, exporting the price can be to go up only 10 % , the client still is accepted constrainedly, go up much the client ran. Do not have him method to be obliged to digest 10 % . However, the profit margin of company of small-sized pneumatics aircraft is at present original very low, the company is a bit small this year profit is good.

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