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Guo Taijun installs: Project machine rents industry deepness research
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  Of project machine product rent much with stage class valuation. The renting price of automobile crane is cheaper than be the same as crane of tonnage entire road surface 10% the left and right sides, than pedrail condole expensive 10-20% . But those who grow the pump car of jib not to compare short jib is expensive how many, it is send a quantity valuation with pump. The equipment of foreign capital brand is costlier than domestic brand 10% . The absolutely price of fork-lift truck, bulldozer, grab, small-sized crane is not high. Accumulative total hire is achieved buy valence place to need time, small-sized a heavy equipment is longer than medium-sized equipment; Pump car is longer than pulling pump, long jib is longer than car of short jib pump; Equipment of cubic meter of earth compared with heavy pilot, pump car is the shortest.
   Since 90 time end, the integral trend of the price that rent takes downward. Of machine of small tonnage tower hire valence 7 years opposite 04 dropped generally 10% . Previously the concrete equipment of sudden huge profitsIndustryhire also dropped 20-30% . Cubic meter of earth kind the mainstream equipment price that rent also is in drop, of grab keep balance basically. Crane kind price of before still be being maintained basically a few years, some type rise somewhat even.
For the downstream circumstance of better understanding project machinery, we had the representative enterprise that rent and expert to undertake an interview to comparing, basically involve machine of concrete machinery, tower and crane trade.
The price that pump car pump sends did not change basically to now from 6 years, installation cost pay back period already lengthened the left and right sides. Be felt by survey firm Beijing concrete equipment rents an industry to still can do two years, plan to throw more cars in Beijing area, basically be to enclothe Heibei, Tianjin, inside unconscious wait for circumjacent market.
   The tower machine industry that rent is already special and mature, in last few years the price that rent is going low all the time. ForOlympic GamesThe go back to work after the meeting, had ordered some of equipment. Also worry to landed field requirement next year, had not received the work that the residence builds now, basically be to receive labour to build, of office building. Product pay back period is controlled 2 years.
Heavy tonnage crane rents a company to be state-operated setting more, basically use at industry of metallurgy, petrifaction, power to produce construction, pay back period is longer. The crane of light tonnage is rented main by dispersive civilian battalion or individual offer, quite dispersive, competition is intense, 2-3 of pay back period year.
To the demand of next year, project machine rents what branch shows to compare pessimism, the expert that British project machine consults a company is relatively hopeful.
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