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Reclaim from carbon dioxide recycle sees compressor prospect
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Reclaim from carbon dioxide recycle sees compressor prospect of Yu Xiuqin of institute of compressor of limited company of Jiangxi gas compressor is well-known, carbon dioxide is the common compound in air, its element is comprised by atom of a carbon and two oxygen atom. Can be become by liquefaction liquid carbon dioxide, opposite density 1.101 (- 37 ℃ ) , boiling point - 78.5 ℃ (sublimate) . Much heat is absorbed when liquid state carbon dioxide evaporates and coagulate solid carbon dioxide, common weighs dry ice. When content of the carbon dioxide in air is exorbitant, also can make because the person is anoxic and happen asphyxial. About 1% carbon dioxide are contained in air, but as a result of human activity (burn like fossil fuel) influence, in recent years carbon dioxide content jumps, cause greenhouse effect, global climate is heated, glacier melts, sea level is elevatory. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse effect gas is the most important kind, it is important that global climate change becomes international to go up topic for discussion, each industrial state all devotes oneself to greenhouse gas reduce an amount. And CO2It is valuable resource. Aeriform carbon dioxide basically uses as chemical industry, acridine; Beverage fills up; Make cryogen; Inert medium; Solvent; Pressure source; Solder protective gas, antirust agent and extinguishing chemical; Oil field mixes photograph drive oil to wait. Solid carbon dioxide still can be used at penicillin to produce, the food store such as fish, butter, ice-cream and low temperature are carried wait for a respect. Carbon dioxide is greeneryPhotosynthesisIndispensable raw material, ConservatoryCommonly used carbon dioxide makes fertilizer in. Commonly used hydrochloric acid is made with marble reaction in the lab take carbon dioxide, to calcine limestone or make wine use on industry ferment carbon dioxide is obtained in gas. Of global industrialization process accelerate make carbon dioxide discharge capacity larger and larger bring a harm to the environment, and of natural resources of oil, coal dried up with each passing day also need to new carbolic source complements in time, because this world each country takes development seriously very,corresponding carbon dioxide reclaims and purify and recycle technology, become useless to be treasure. Current, domestic and international carbon dioxide answers knock off art to basically have the following 3 kinds: A. Low-pressure law: 0.6~0.8MPa of pressure of carbon dioxide gas it is to use ordinary air compressor to compress carbon dioxide the point that use gas is carried directly after purifying. In liquefaction of the carbon dioxide below this pressure temperature is - 420C~-500C, general refrigerator is cannot their liquefaction, the carbon dioxide that accordingly this kind of pressure issues cannot store with liquid state means commonly; This law reclaims carbon dioxide is in without ferment when gas cannot air feed, at present most user already eliminated this kind of method. B. Middling pressure law: 1.6~2.5MPa of pressure of carbon dioxide gas it is to use compressor of special carbon dioxide to compress carbon dioxide after purifying, liquefaction undertakes in refrigerant system, cold doubt temperature is - 12
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