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Technical level promotes homebred dryer market latent capacity big
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"As bright and beautiful the device of large megaton PTA/CTA that limited company of chemical machinery group develops on the west was checked and accept through the expert a few days ago, equip by the core of 1 million tons of ethylene of foreign forestall all the time PTA/CTA drier, from now on no longer person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. In addition, national drier technology and research center of equipment project technology also ask for chemical fibber with Chinese petrifaction appearance first year after year today Inc. signed the drier that produces per year project of 1 million tons of PTA to develop development contract. All these all makes clear, dryer of our country large high end has ended with importing the history that give priority to. " Yang Huaiyu of deputy secretary-general of branch of dryer of association of general and mechanical industry told China the reporter a few days ago. He thinks, in the technology lead, chinese dryer industry will greet spring.

Product technology level promotes ceaselessly

According to the market feedback shows, industry of our country chemical industry expects dryer manufacturing industry according to high quality, feebleminded bad news, environmental protection model the requirement adjusts product structure. The expert inside dryer industry points out, want to achieve this one requirement, must strengthen basic research further, using field of research and development at the same time, want to pay attention to the communication between international and collaboration already, want to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property again; Want to pay attention to the development that uses a field new technology, newly already, should pay attention to the innovation of conventional technology and tradition application domain and innovation again. This also is industry of our country dryer is done make strong the only way greatly.

In recent years, many domestic dryer produce an enterprise to had realized this, increased investment of science and technology and the pace that taste development newly, obtained right result. Like Shandong day force limited company relies on Shandong to save the technology of place of the sources of energy of academy of sciences to support, pay attention to the research and development of pair of large facility very, the large and professional whole set that develops according to trade demand handles equipment, achieved for the enterprise not the economic benefits of common; The sparge that if do not have factory of Xi Linzhou dryer and Dalian manage,is versed in unit of the universities and colleges such as Lin Ke courtyard of university, China, scientific research combines research and development again is dry technology, ended our country spray dryer to fetters not only the situation that pure support imports, and still infiltrated international market.

"Of content of domestic dryer science and technology rise, producing the result that makes a person glad. " Yang Huaiyu says. Long-term since, scale of production of industry of our country dryer is minor, introductory doorsill is low, integral technology content is not high. Entire industry year 5 million yuan of the following enterprises take sales revenue about 60% above, year sales revenue crosses ten million yuan manufacturer is occupied only 5% to 8% , product class is general on the low side. "But the situation is different now. Entire industry is leaving stage by stage price competition times, the product of content of high additional cost, hi-tech is making the core competition ability of dryer mainstay business. This also means industry conformity pace to accelerate, compete through the technology, take the way of discard of bad of powerful powerful combination, superior, a few actual strength are bred inside the industry group of rich big company, can be expected soon. " refer this, confidence is full of Yang Huaiyu.
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