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Chongqing gas compressor company successfully into the Indian market
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In recent years, the growing global energy demand situation, the world economy on the various kinds of energy, especially clean energy dependence further. CNG gas as a clean energy, is an ideal alternative energy vehicles, it has a low cost, effective, non-polluting, safe and convenient features, the application of technology after several years of development has become increasingly mature. Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd always adhere to the "multilateral multi-product multi-country" principle, strive to develop new markets, the Indian market through active research, learned that the network is well developed in India, planning the next few years will be more than a dozen in the country New cities more than 100 seats each city's stations, the medium and small cities are also expected to a station, therefore, India will be a huge potential market. Heavy gas company is spotted this development opportunity, according to the actual situation in India, carefully prepared, and actively take measures to companies with India EKC brokers, agents, co-operation, India has recently won the bid for the company six GSPC stations a total of 18 million. Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd. is the vanguard of CNG products company, to open CNG market in India, China CNG products in the Asian export market has taken a solid step forward.
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