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Han Zhong Seiki large flow of gas into the highlight of the compressor
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9 to 11 April, 2008 "International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing Exhibition" at the Shanghai New International Expo Center today. Professional refrigeration compressor Hanbell Seiki (002,158) with the 600RT and 1000RT a large flow of gas compressor exhibiting a major highlight of the exhibition. It is understood, has received the International Refrigeration Exhibition Exhibition Association (U-FI) and two U.S. Department of Commerce certification as the world's three major refrigeration and air conditioning HVAC exhibition. The main products of Han Zhong exhibition is a large flow of gas compressor compressor industry's latest products, even the type of compressor discharge, air no pulse, no oil, the performance curve flat, wide operating range. The advantage is that compressed high flow, high-density low-pressure refrigerant, suitable for large-capacity refrigeration equipment. It is understood that a large centrifugal compressor flow field, currently dominated by Carrier (Carrier), McQuay (McQuay), Trane (Trane) and York (York) hosts several world famous air-conditioning manufacturers monopoly. One U.S. high flow centrifugal compressor technology is most prominent, and the market share of about 80% of the world. The threshold for its high technology and manufacturing, general compressor manufacturers are no R & D and manufacturing capabilities. Han Zhong Seiki with their own fluid machinery industry in the world has a relatively mature R & D and manufacturing capabilities, built in 2006, the large flow of gas compressor 1500RT R-134a test series. The Han Zhong and 1000RT Seiki bring 600RT large flow of gas compressor exhibitors are expected to break the large flow of gas compressor market monopolized by foreign brands in the market. Han Zhong Seiki this exhibition is a large flow of gas compressor next three to five years based on energy requirements and design, support a variety of energy efficiency standards and mandatory energy efficiency standards. Han Zhong Seiki program launched in 2009 with a large flow of competitive gas compressor, mass production will play for the domestic industry a strong boost.
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