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Three recommended quality and efficiency of gas compressor products
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Gas compressor is the mechanical energy is converted to a gas pressure power plant, commonly used to provide air power pneumatic tools, in the oil industry, drilling, metallurgical and other industries are also commonly used in the pressure to send oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, natural gas, coke furnace gas, inert gases and other media. Lubrication of gas compressors in principle, can be divided into two parts, one for the oil and compressed gas into direct contact with the internal parts, and the second compressed gas for the oil does not come into contact with the external drive mechanism. Oil-type gas compressor gas leakage will have to consider when external lubrication system. Today, we have recommended for everyone several gas compressor product quality. Recommended Enterprises: Wuqiao Compressor Co., Ltd. Recommended Products: 3 cubic fixed electric air Wuqiao Compressor Co., Ltd. is a national production of the professional air compressor company, the company mainly produces various types of displacement 3m3/min-20m3/min reciprocating piston air compressors and screw air compressors.
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