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Hydroxylamine cycle gas compressor placement "Chinese Heart"
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Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company and the Xi'an Aero Engine Group Co., Ltd. Fuso Electrical Technology Ltd, hydroxylamine cycle gas compressor on the "heart" - the rotor to the success of domestic reform, the product of Can reach the international advanced level, can replace imported products. December 19, the transformation of technology through technical appraisal organized by Sinopec. Baling Petrochemical Division of caprolactam into use in 1991, the hydroxylamine cycle gas compressor imported from Germany for the steam turbine-driven single-stage centrifugal compressor. Hydroxylamine cycle gas compressor for the intensive care equipment, crew The core components and the main wearing parts, spare parts for the original value of the compressor rotor 150 million, need to reserve a year or more. Because of its imports from abroad, not only expensive and difficult to grasp the arrival period. Baling Petrochemical Company and Xi'an Aircraft Engine R & D cooperation of the compressor rotor, the impeller selected mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the material, the use of alternative machining precision casting forging, the rotor component development process Process to ensure the machining accuracy and the performance of the impeller. February of this year, domestic division of the rotor installed in the caprolactam into use, the key technical indicators in line with the original machine to run the design value.
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