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Limited company of technology of Electromechanical of Shanghai music morning int
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Limited company of technology of Electromechanical of Shanghai music morning is volume section, labour, trade the major that is an organic whole devotes oneself to research and development, make compressor of devoid oil, Jing Yin, anhydrous air, small-sized adsorption drier and without oil-lubricated the joint stock company of compressor, technical force is abundant, production and detect facility is advanced and complete, already built ISO9001~2000 quality guarantee system, passed tripartite attestation. The company always insists to be with the person this thought, pursue " sincere letter the first, quality the first " business purpose, pass science management, perfect service, gradually establish the lead dominant position of the product, get domestic and international user greatly reputably.

Product characteristic: Reliable, maintenance leads performance low, shake small, noise low, bulk small, exterior beautiful, operation simple, maintenance-free.

Use a field: My company product can apply extensively at: Pharmacy of medical treatment, lab, water treatment, biology, environmental protection, presswork, shipping, mechanical, spin, petrifaction, electron, appearance, spray, nicotian, make nitrogen, provision each domains such as treatment, optics.

The service is affirmatory: "Whole journey does not have care, diamond serves "

After service phone 24 hours expedite, let you experience more efficient service, quarterly professional should undertake phone investigation and itinerate are checked, ensure user whole journey does not have care. Before limited company product leaves factory, technology of Electromechanical of Shanghai music morning has undertaken be debugginged meticulously, all technology personnel grooms through the company's strict technology. My company commitment will be offerred as the client eventually best the machine parts or tools kept in reserve of the price spares parts.

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