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Cut into a mountain: Hold new and high product to recommend march high-end marke
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Group of cut into a mountain is offerring the price to the market " in a popular style " after screw pneumatics machine, will devote oneself to to promote value for broad user, in energy-saving fall respect of a confusion of voices makes a contribution somewhat, make machine of pneumatics of screw of group of cut into a mountain relatively cheap product is energy-saving in be the same as model 5% to 10% .

Came 11 days on September 3, cent of group of cut into a mountain is approved hold new and high product to recommend meeting and sale strategy seminar, personnel of more than 600 market sell on commission that comes from countrywide each district gathers together garden of industry of Zhejiang cut into a mountain, attend the most important this year sale grand meeting this.

Group of cut into a mountain was this conference to make sufficient preparation about the company each. In cut into a mountain inside area of garden of the 2nd industry, one word discharges exhibiting new product to have: Domestic head stage has core to make the form of KT9 an organic whole that reachs completely own intellectual property go aperture drill wagon; Domestic head stage has the 2 class that core creates to reduce chance of pneumatics of derv motivation screw; The deepness that get authentic amounts to borer of 150 meters big aperture well; Represent the hydraulic pressure charge of prospective product direction; Hold <> concurrently provide 2 times broken and lade large equipment KZ800 of the function lades excavator and set of Qian Kongzuan car, pneumatic tool series, concussion implement series, drill rod provides series product. The agency that comes from market a gleam of people look at these lofty, beautiful and new product, exclaim, excited, eagerly ground is listening the spot of each presiding stylist explains and the product demonstrates. The user of a few large mine also suffers view and emulate comes before inviting.

After the product is recommended, cao Kejian president to masterpiece attending the meeting gist report. He points out, group of cut into a mountain is made from machine of pneumatics of screw of the sortie 5 years ago since, had put forward early or late " allow in a popular style of screw machine price " , " it is with innovation core technology essential, with sale channel construction is core, it is to revitalize ethical industry oneself " catchword. Now, change production and city of range of product of many high end to be setting into series dimensions with screw lead plane, we should cry noisy " exert oneself high end is made, march high-end market " catchword. This catchword is us " 4211 " the new development that develops the strategy, also be core content. Because march only high-end market, ability comes true further " allow in a popular style of screw machine price " target, ability revitalizes ethical industry truly, company ability gets greater progress, stand at indefectible, broad agency and user ability are obtained more golden eggs.

Cao Dong still is emphasized in the report talked about energy-saving think with what pneumatics machine industry grows prospect. He points out, enter 21 centuries, energy-saving the consensus that decreases a platoon to had become the whole world to develop, also be the important assessment index of our country various government. The electric power that compressor place bad news uses occupies our country to generate electricity nearly 10% of gross, those who raise compressor can of business of compressor of effect level since should do one's duty, also be to matter to compressor to create a company whether living major problem. The 2 class that group of our cut into a mountain makes compress bavin to move screw pneumatics machine to configure KY140 Qian Kongzuan the oil plants that the car reduced unit driving place to expend greatly, we the energy-saving evaluation value in the machine of dynamoelectric screw pneumatics of 4 model is achieved or reaching GB19153 state level basically, belong to energy-saving product, this since the one large window of our product, one sells a site, also gave us huge hope. We already as general as Hefei academy comes to an agreement, joint research reduces screw compressor noise considerably, also hand in associated Xi'an wait for a school greatly, according to produce, learn, grind the mode of an organic whole, strive for in not far in the future, group of implementation cut into a mountain is whole screw compressor is energy-saving tasted target.
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