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Shanghai Chinese nation is industrial limited company
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Shanghai Chinese nation is industrial limited company is a professional sale air is compressed, the share-holding system limited company of the product such as purifying device and industrial automation appearance, our company are country's biggest production to make now, the Shanghai flower division that sells pneumatics machine limited company of Suo Lan compressor (IR) agent. Additional, in course of study of the person of the same trade on our company or world first obtain the clique of certificate of ISO9001 attestation and NATO of ministry of weaponry of North Atlantic Treaty Organization to overcome the agent that the company is in China, drier of this company PNEUDRI adsorptive type and OIL-X series divide distribute oily, except water, remove dust and sterilization filter.

Company headquarters is set in Shanghai, wait for 3 ground to set agency in Hangzhou, Ning Bo, Wen Zhou at the same time, set service center of the maintenance after selling center, carry out in head office and each agency. Head office still sets the logistics such as ministry of financial department, Ministry of Supply, technology to ensure a branch, a professional sale serves a network to had been formed. Company existing staff is close 50 people, among them record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning occupies 80% above, can offer extensive technology to seek advice for the client reach maintenance service

The company manages a tenet: Today's high quality, tomorrow cost-effective
Scope of business: The program of professional pneumatics power system, sale, installation, safeguard
Basically sell a product: (attestation of character of former plant ISO9001)

One, air compressor
(1) breed: A. The small glib style, type that do not have oilB. Type of reciprocating type, screw, centrifugal typeC. Movable type of stationary, trailer
(2) technical parameter:
Pressure: 1.5kg/cm2-1000kg/cm2
Discharge: 0.1m3/min-1000m3/min above

2, refrigerant type drier: Often press dew point temperature to be able to be amounted to - 23 ℃

3, adsorptive type drier:
(1) drier of type of the adsorption that do not have heat, temperature of pressure dew point can be amounted to - 70 ℃
(2) heat adsorptive type drier, temperature of pressure dew point can be amounted to - 70 ℃

4, accurate filter:
(1) . Filter precision: 25 μ - 0.01 μ
(2) . Resid content: 0.5ppm-0.001ppm

5, other the special filter of all sorts of norms

1, Shanghai headquarters
Telephone exchange: 021-55801598
Fax: 021-65708717
Postcode: 200093
Address: Road of Shanghai double this world 411 603 rooms
Headquarters report mails: Yingying@hybondair.com

2, Hangzhou agency
Telephone exchange: 0571-86453680 0571-86456038
Fax: 0571-86453680-22 postcode: 310004
Address: Hangzhou city river does 16-1-101 of boarding house of area model home
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