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System of air of flower case Suo Lan develops shipping industry market actively
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September 2008 4-6 day, system of air of ministry of technology of flower case Suo Lan forms a delegation the industry of exhibits a center to hold in Shanghai smooth congress 2008 Shanghai shipping that entered by a definite date 3 days and maritime trade fair. Exhibiting the majority ginseng of the meeting this to postpone business is with maritime reach the industry related shipping industry. They the athletics that be the same as a stage, revealed the grand ceremony of a blue.

Well-known, regard compressor as the person above average of the industry, the company already grew Yinggesuolan become to own strong brand, have banner market position, provide the transnational corporation of technical innovation and solution for the client. Solution of air of flower case Suo Lan can apply a circumstance to offer the air compressor of all sorts of high reliability, high-energy effect to reach the motor that start according to what differ on shipping, pervade to be supplied in time what service site of the whole world ensures machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts, for marine safety the voyage escorts the Emperor convoy.

Exhibit in this in the meeting, system of air of ministry of technology of flower case Suo Lan is not aimed at shipping industry especially, yinggesuolan was revealed in the spot machine of small-sized screw pneumatics, help audience understands the air compressor application in shipping industry weller, more intuitionisticly. Sale ministry and market department coact, in this second exhibit Yinggesuolan was revealed to the audience on the meeting professional service and good business culture, the client that attracted industry of many boats and ships and supplier of its form a complete set come round to look around, make they can more products that understand Yinggesuolan, service and concept. Additional, we also understand and can contact many shipping company through be being exhibited this, had good communication and communication with them, in future for us market of development shipping industry has positive effect.

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