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Informatization of mechanical 2008 manufacturing industry advances heat of infor
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The seventeen big report that carries out a party deep puts forward " develop modern industry system, advance informatization and industrialized confluence energetically, stimulative industry by become strong greatly, revitalize equipment manufacturing industry " policy spirit; Press application of mechanical industry informatization, solve an enterprise to carry out the outstanding issue in informatization process, raise enterprise informatization whole to apply level and result. Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference all the time since in putting work of informatization of mechanical manufacturing industry in important program to work, be opposite with the relevant orgnaization of informatization respect the respect such as service of industry informatization product, appreciation undertakes discuss and study. "Mechanical industry informatization drives mass rally " already made Chinese machine at present Joint Industry Conference is annual one of key activities that informatization works.
12-13 day held in Shaanxi Xi'an in September 2008 " informatization of mechanical 2008 manufacturing industry drives mass rally " will summing up informatization worked last year on the foundation of experience, from proceed with of current situation of informatization of machinist estate company, invite a government sector to concern pattern of expert of informatization of leader, mechanical industry, mechanical industry expert of informatization of course of study of enterprise, IT and mechanical industry business, emphasize discussion informatization and industrialized confluence, the application of enterprise ERP and executive effect, the conformity of business information system and compositive, design, research and development is digitlized, IT develops the new trend with application, and problem of information system safety. This the conference basically will appear a the following characteristic:

The first, the conference that machine couplet sponsors in, aroused the enthusiasm of branch of local government informatization, caused height of local informatization job to take chime seriously to run an organization, make sure information can begin smoothly of the conference. Level of informatization of business of industry of machinery of the confluence that congress of informatization of mechanical manufacturing industry advanced informatization and industrialization, promotion, enhance ability of competition of mechanical industry business.

The 2nd, informatization research expert, scholar and domestic and international expert of famous IT estate industry is taken an active part in, and key outstanding, specific aim is strong, pay attention to actual effect explain, assured the quality of informatization conference. The conference changed the traditional way that makes a speech before, added enterprise and expert, enterprise and company between interactive. Speechmaker will combine mechanical industry business to be made in technical research and development, design, manufacturing management, financial management, supply the problem with the common respect such as catenary and office system, and safety of ERP, network, network is compositive the analysis that the special subject solution that waits for informatization of mechanical industry business made land of explain the profound things in a simple way, have a definite object in view.
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