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Company of Shanghai archipelago machinery
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Company of Shanghai archipelago machinery: た of a low bank of earth between fields of ⑻ Ji  defeats crystal clear before chloric gorge is foolish mire ㄒ enlighten  ? serves Atelasi the company of Atlas series product, it is England at the same time Duomingnike Hand (Domnick Hunter) the cent of Chinese area sells business, the representative is much bright Buddhist nun overcomes a variety of products of De Silan of · Han Dehe, include: Compress water of series of drier of inhaler, adsorptive type, WS filter of segregator, absolutely sterilization, drier of HIROSS PoleStar refrigerant type.

Shanghai address: The road austral water Qing Dynasty edifice of 78 silver-colored seas 2003 rooms phone: 021-64141700 34120550 fax: 021-64141711 contact: ? Bin 13916586356 E-mail: Qundao64141711@126.com Suzhou address: ド makes large building of harbor of information of number of the?08 that be not Shi phone of 406 rooms   : 0512-55197893 is faxed: 0512-55197851 contact: 13916586356   of? Bin E_mail: Qundao64141711@126.com Peaceful city address:  of ┲ Dang Lv phone of   of?8-604 room of  of  of  of ǘ  hamper: 0523-86858360 86858361 is faxed: 0523-86858361 contact: E_mail of   of? Bin 15052803901: Jsqundao@126.com

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