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Atelasi supports Nuojiyadi to have for compressing air machine
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Nuojiya is the person that the whole world of mobile precedes. Dongguan mobile telephone limited company is located in Nuojiya garden of industry of science and technology of the city austral Dongguan city, by Nuojiya (China) investment limited company is initiated build, its invest amount to already amounted to 129 million dollar now, basically produce all sorts of model number mobile telephones to provide relevant after service. The ZT145 report drive that Dongguan factory uses 3 AtlasCopco brand air of the 100% screw that do not have oilCompressorRegard the motivation of factory pneumatic equipment as the source. The factory is added endowment of extend 2 period after workshop begins operation of put into production, workshop area will increase one times. Produce the workshop with proximate and original establishment as a result of what build, add product line newly temporarily common and will existing compressor of these 3 air, existing pneumatics machine will be in full load condition next moving. In view of this kind of circumstance, needing settlement difficult problem is, debug in product line after moving, mix before adding the line on pneumatics machine installation newly, once have empty press to jockey, sure meeting affects production. To avoid the loss that appears possibly, this difficult problem must be solved. Atelasi Kepu stalks or branchRentAfter the sell member of ministry south area is informed this message, contacted the project controller that for Nuojiya the Xi Menzi electron of product line of company form a complete set assembles branch of Shenzhen of systematic limited company actively, offerred detailed solution for this problem---A PTS916 that uses the department that rent uses angry equipment machine as product line.

The client understands AtlasCopco100% to compress the reputation that air enjoys in industry without oil, employ our solution very gladly also. The ministry that rent was in charge of service and operational staff considering all detail particularly meticulously for this, to prevent the equipment breakdown that equipment aircraft may appear, designed arrangement will be newest an arrived PTS916 hair leases the site toward Dongguan. Special is, before equipment ships hair car, the technologist LarryHrynkiewicz as it happens of the AtlasCopcoPrimeEnergy company that comes from the United States makes a technology groom in storehouse, we invited Larry to undertake to this compressor the shipment of equipment is checked finishing, ensure all problems already were obtained solve. On April 13, 2008, be product line air feed temporarily the system completed a test in the spot.

The ministry that rent values this project very much, tami of the manager that rent is this special work to on-the-spot guidance, visit a client, place of detailed knowledge client needs. Answer client demand to ensure the spot that rent is seasonable, the ministry that rent grooms designedly and arranged an operator, stay behind the spot that rent, came true " 24/7 " service standard. This project has been in now in running, predict to want to controlled an end in October 2008.
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