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Cao Kejian president visits complete bavin on invitation
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On September 13, should the invitation of Inc. of motivation of Anhui complete bavin, cut into a mountain of Cao Kejian president rate sells branch general manager Zhang Junhui of general manager of company of cylinder bushing of Jiang Jun justice, cut into a mountain and group of concerned district selling manager 8 people, look around toward complete bavin motivation before make an on-the-spot investigation, be recieved enthusiasticly of president by complete Chaixieli.

Force, general manager withers in complete bavin president benefit of Ding Wei of general manager of company of interest of Pan Zhongde, overhead accompany below, cao Dong looks around all right researched Inc. of motivation of Anhui complete bavin and limited company of power of Anhui overhead profit. Cao Dong sufferred especially big flood to express to express sympathy and solicitude for August to complete bavin, the consistent support that gives cylinder bushing of group of cut into a mountain the company to complete bavin expresses to be thanked heartily. Both sides deepened concern of long-term strategy partner to undertake thorough talk in friendly and harmonious atmosphere, machine of much crock of complete to form a complete set bavin conveyed my group intense intent, machine of much to complete bavin crock is trying the expression in form a complete set to express satisfaction.

Xie Dong visits complete bavin to make an on-the-spot investigation to time is being taken out in Cao Dong Baimang express to welcome ardently, express will call in this with Cao Dong for chance, the product quality that makes a lot of crocks of machine and after service work, make the collaboration of complete bavin and cut into a mountain gets more thorough development.

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